What are blood substitutes?
There can never be so-called 'artificial blood' because blood performs so many different functions within the body. No manmade agent could ever be produced that would be capable of performing all of the tasks of oxygen delivery, appropriate clotting and response to infection, to name a few.  Currently there are no commercially available red cell substitutes as all are under development or in clinical trials.  Commonly called artificial blood, these are all only substitutes for red cells.

What can I do if a family member is in another hospital that is not familiar with bloodless techniques? 
If the physicians at the other hospital are willing to cooperate with us and are open to suggestions on how to handle the patient, you can refer them to us and we will arrange for the appropriate physician to conduct a phone consultation. On the other hand, if the physicians are not willing to cooperate, we can assist you by arranging a transfer from that facility to Hackensack University Medical Center.

Do I have to fill out a new Proxy every year as is the case with the wallet-sized Medical Directive?
No, it is not necessary to fill out a new proxy each year. However, a new wallet medical directive card needs to be completed each time any of the details on the card change.  You should keep the NO BLOOD card in a prominent place in your wallet. Without a properly filled out medical directive wallet card, you are at risk of receiving a transfusion in emergency circumstances. If you were unconscious, there would be no way for the medical team to identify you as a person who refuses blood.

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