Patient Rights and Responsibilities

All patients have rights under the Health and Disability Act.  A summary of patients rights include the right:

  • To be treated with respect
  • To freedom from discrimination, coercion, harassment and exploitation
  • To dignity and independence
  • To services of an appropriate standard
  • To clear and effective communication
  • To be fully informed
  • To make an informed choice and to give informed consent for treatment
  • To proper support (except where safety may be compromised or another consumer’s rights may be unreasonably infringed)
  • To complain

Patients have the responsibility to:
  • Do all they can to maintain their own health and the health of those dependent on them.
  • Advise us of any significant medical history, diagnosis or risk factor of which they are aware.
  • Advise us of all concurrent treatment that they may be receiving from other healthcare providers.
  • Advise the doctor or nurse if they do not understand advice or instructions, want more information or want time to consider their decision.
  • Act on advice given, or if they do not wish to do so, to inform the doctor or nurse of their decision
  • Advise us if you believe the health care you or someone dependent on you received is not adequate or appropriate.
  • Respect the rights of other patients and their support staff
  • Cooperate with the non-smoking and safety policy. 
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