What is a Geriatrician?

A geriatrician is a medical doctor who is specially trained to prevent and manage the unique and multiple health concerns of older adults 65 years and older.  Geriatricians are particularly sensitive to the needs of older adults, helping them to maintain the highest level of functioning and quality of life.

Why does my doctor want me to see a Geriatrician?

A Geriatrician can assist a specialist or primary care physician in the management and treatment of multiple, complex health issues in older adults.

Do you accept Medicare/Medicaid patients?  Is there a co-pay?

We do accept Medicare/Medicaid assignment.  Services are covered by most insurance plans.  To see if your insurance plan has a co-pay option, check your contract.  The medical secretary will assist you if a co-pay is required.

Do I need a referral?

Your health plan may require you to get a referral from your primary doctor in order to see certain specialty providers.  Your coverage, contract or benefit summary will identify services that require a referral.  You can also call your insurance services department to verify when a referral is necessary.
Patients can be referred to the Geriatrics Center by their current primary care physician, a health or social service agency, a family member or friend, or by the individuals themselves.

Are there any other criteria?

Adults must be 65 years of age and older.

Where are you located?

We are located at 5 Summit Avenue in Hackensack, NJ.  A large “Owl” can be seen on our building at the intersection of Summit Avenue and Essex Street.  The Geriatrics Center is located on the 2nd floor, Suite 204.


Is parking available?

Reserved parking for the Geriatrics Center is available on the lower parking level – entrance on Essex Street.

What are the office hours for the Geriatrics Center?

GeriatricsCenter office hours are 9AM – 5PM Monday through Friday.

How do I schedule an appointmentfor a geriatric consultation?

Appointments can be scheduled by calling 551-996-1140.  The Geriatrics Center staff will make every attempt to schedule an appointment at a time that is convenient to you and your family. 

What should I bring with me to the Geriatric Consultation?

Please bring the following information with you to the consultation:
  • Your Social Security Card
  • Primary and secondary insurance cards and name of policyholder
  • A copy of your advance directive/living will
  • Place all your medications in a bag and bring them with you, this includes:
            -Prescription drugs in their original containers
            -Over-the-counter drugs
            -Supplements, herbal/natural remedies
            -Patches, creams, vitamins etc.
  • Eyeglasses, hearing aids, and any assistive listening devices used
  • Mobility devices such as a walker or cane, and wear any specially ordered footwear

Can I bring a family member or friend with me?

We encourage you to bring your caregiver, a family member or a friend with you to the consultation. 

What happens during a Geriatric Consultation?

A consultation includes a medical history, physical examination and assessment of:
  • Multiple medical problems
  • Mental status and mood
  • Memory disorders
  • Osteoporosis
  • Functional decline
  • Medication management
  • Falls
  • Incontinence
  • Vision/Hearing
  • Mobility

How long will a Geriatric Consultation take?

You should expect to spend approximately 1 hour. 

What if I have questions or concerns regarding sensitive subjects I want to discuss, but I’m too uncomfortable or embarrassed to bring them up?

Always ask questions when you don’t understand the meaning of a word or what is said, when instructions are not clear, or when medication information/medical tests need further explanation.  We encourage you to make a list of your questions or concerns and any sensitive subjects you would like to discuss, but feel uncomfortable bringing them up in conversation. Sensitive subjects may include memory problems, falling, fear of falling, depression, grief, urinary incontinence, family problems, use of alcohol, or sexuality.  Geriatricians are extremely sensitive to the needs of older adults and will help you address these concerns.

Will I have to come back for another appointment?

If your geriatrician feels a follow-up appointment is needed, the medical secretary will schedule the appointment at a time that meets your needs. 

When will I receive the results of the geriatric consultation?

After reviewing the medical history, completing the physical exam, assessment and testing, the geriatrician will meet with you (and your family/caregivers with your permission) to review consultation findings, goals of care, plan of treatment, and recommendations.
Recommendations may include suggestions for managing medical or other problems, services to assist you and your caregivers in the home setting, and information regarding programs, interventions, and available resources outside the home.  Educational materials will be provided and caregiver counseling and education are available when needed.
The geriatrician will take into consideration your personal values, preferences, and financial implications when making recommendations for medical management and care.  You can also expect to receive a written summary report from the geriatrician by mail.

Will my doctor receive a report?

The geriatrician will provide your primary care physician with a complete medical summary report with appropriate recommendations for health promotion, disease prevention strategies, management of geriatric syndromes, and other interventions to help you maintain independence and the ability to function at the highest level for the longest amount of time.  By receiving the results of the consultation your physician is able to help follow through with the geriatrician’s recommendations.

Please call (551) 996-1140 for more information or to book an appointment

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