The Infusion Center at Hackensack University Medical Center provide comprehensive and cost effective infusion therapies. The center is open 365 days annually and staffed by registered nurse skilled in the care and maintenace of various central catheters. 

The focus of the Infusion Center at Hackensack University Medical Center is to treat and monitor various medical conditions in a hospital-based facility on an outpatient basis. Methods other than oral administration, such as: parenteral therapy, intravenous therapy, or intramuscular routes are commonly used.

Through the years, Hackensack University Medical Center has remained at the forefront of the changes in healthcare. One of the many benefits of the Infusion Center is that it provides up to date methods of infusion therapy in a hospital environment, on an outpatient level. The center offers the latest in technology and new antibiotic therapies.

Advancements in technology have also resulted in improved vascular access devices, equipment, and infusion pumps for safer and more reliable treatment. This state-of-the-art equipment used at the center may decrease or possibly eliminate hospital stays altogether.

Although not every patient is a candidate for outpatient infusion treatment - nor is every disease treatable by such a method - it is remarkable that many therapies that once required a lengthy hospital stay can be performed on a outpatient basis.

Infusion therapy on an outpatient basis requires a determination that:

  • The treatment is medically necessary;
  • The disease state can be controlled in an outpatient setting and does not require hospitalization;
  • Alternate drug delivery routes are not feasible or indicated;
  • The patient agrees to the plan of care; and there would be no increased risk for therapy to be administered as an outpatient.

Treatment is available seven days a week, by members of the Infusion Center team. Staff members are certified to insert intravenous devices and also maintain many central venous access devices including implanted ports.

Our highly qualified physicians are available for consultation. All members of the team - nurses, physicians, and pharmacists - work together to provide patients with the highest level of care.

Together they evaluate the patient's needs and provide a customized plan of comprehensive care.

The Infusion Center at Hackensack University Medical Center delivers all services to its patients under one roof, while offering safe, effective, and convenient infusion therapy.

There are many benefits to selecting the Infusion Center at HackensackUMC.

For many patients who are outpatient candidates, the Infusion Center at HackensackUMC is the best, most convenient, alternative to an inpatient stay. Recognizing the busy schedules of its patients, the center offers flexible appointments and is able to administer treatments promptly and efficiently to lessen the time patients will need to be absent from work or school.

Infusion therapy, given on an outpatient basis, costs much less than the same treatment administered in a hospital.

The Infusion Center's professional staff is knowledgeable and skilled in all aspects of infusion therapy and oversees direct supervision of infusion services.


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