Management of chronic pain conditions can involve a complex array of treatment options. Hackensack University Medical Center  collaborates with physicians, nurses, advanced nurse practitioners, surgeons, neurologists, and psychiatry services to offer complete care services. Our professional team can provide effective relief from pain and suffering related to acute and chronic pain conditions.

We treat:

  • Spine-related pain 
  • Cancer pain
  • Shingles pain
  • Arthritic pain 
  • Pain in older adults
  • Chronic disease such as diabetes and multiple sclerosis
  • Postoperative pain
  • Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome—a chronic neurological syndrome characterized by severe burning pain, pathological changes in bone and skin, excessive sweating, tissue swelling, and extreme sensitivity to touch
  • Peripheral and phantom limb pain- pain or discomfort felt in the area of the missing limb


Treatments include:

  • Various injections for both diagnosis and treatment of back pain, spinal pain, nerve conditions, and cancer pain:
  • Epidural steroid injections
  • Facet joint injections
  • Diagnostic discographies
  • Sacroiliac joint injections
  • Percutaneous disc decompression
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic medial branch blocks
  • Lumbar sympathetic plexus blocks
  • Stellate Ganglion blocks
  • Celiac Plexus blocks
  • Patient controlled analgesia—a method of allowing a person in pain to administer their own pain relief
  • Continuous and patient controlled epidural analgesia
  • Radio frequency ablation- the use of electrodes to heat and destroy abnormal tissue
  • Trigger point injection- a procedure used to treat painful areas of muscle that contain knots of muscle that form when muscles do not relax
  • Pharmacology and non-pharmacology based medical management
  • Spinal cord stimulation- electrical stimulation of nervous tissues on a specific portion of the spinal cord to produce a pain-reducing tingling sensation 
  • Intrathecal pumps- an implantable device that directly delivers pain medication into the fluid around the nerves of the spine – allowing for much more direct and often more potent pain relief than possible with tablets or even IV pain medication. 


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