I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to web portal of the Institute of Pain & Palliative Medicine here at Hackensack University Medical Center. It is my privilege to introduce you to the Institute and to its groundbreaking, team-centric approach to pain management and patient care. Patients treated by our Institute include those suffering from debilitating chronic pain that is not responsive to conservative treatment. This includes patients with cancer pain, lower back pain, shingles pain, arthritis, postoperative pain, diabetes, CRPS, and multiple sclerosis. Controlling and monitoring pain as well as managing the psychological, social, and spiritual problems associated with it are vital to our pain management philosophy. The primary goal of the Institute of Pain and Palliative Medicine is to achieve the best possible quality-of-life for our patients and their families. The department offers a comprehensive, multidisciplinary pain management team. Compassionate, personalized care is focused on the relief of a full range of physical and psychological pain symptoms to help patients enjoy full, productive, and, most importantly, comfortable lives. Hackensack University Medical Center’s reputation as one of New Jersey’s and the nation’s healthcare leaders is driven by a commitment to quality. The Institute is privileged to be a part of Hackensack University Medical Center and share this commitment to providing the highest quality of patient care available. Sincerely, Jose A. Contreras, M.D. Chairman, Department of Pain and Palliative Care

What We Do

The Institute of Pain and Palliative Medicine, one of New Jersey’s largest providers of dedicated comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic pain management services, serves patients who are suffering from serious chronic pain, receiving curative or life-prolonging treatments for a life-threatening condition or suffering pain from advanced stages of disease. Unlike most other programs, pain and palliative medicine services at Hackensack University Medical Center is housed within an Institute devoted entirely to these medical issues and run by a pain management team of experts. This institute structure and setup brings together the full range of clinicians needed to comprehensively address all aspects of a patient’s condition. Our services are both hospital (also referred to as inpatient) based and office based -- helping bridge the continuity of care gap. The Institute of Pain and Palliative Medicine is privileged to be a part of Hackensack University Medical Center, a nationally recognized source for reliable, effective patient care and one of the nation’s premier university-based teaching hospitals.

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