IRB Application Submissions System

The Research Integrity Office oversees the HackensackUMC eIRB, the on-line system for IRB application submissions. The eIRB is a paperless, web-based electronic means to help investigators submit, track, and review the regulatory, scientific, and compliance information that is required for the safe conduct of human subjects’ research at HackensackUMC. The system provides a method for the IRB and other regulatory committees to share important information with members of the research community in regards to new research applications, continuing reviews, amendments and other regulatory events. Using an electronic submission system allows the Research Integrity Office to:

  • Improves communication between research teams and the IRB
  • Eliminates unproductive transfer time of paper documents
  • Greatly reduces paper waste
  • Prevents the loss of sensitive information
  • Provides 24/7 access on current protocol status

The eIRB website is located at Access to the submission system is protected. All users must complete the required CITI training modules before they are assigned a HackensackUMC eIRB login and password.

For assistance with any eIRB issues, please contact the eIRB help desk by email : or by phone: 551-996-4585. 

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