The Research Finance Office (RFO) is responsible for maintaining the financial integrity of all research-related activities, including federal and foundation grants, pharmaceutical-sponsored clinical trials, and private industry-funded research. The RFO is responsible for development of research grant budgets and negotiation of clinical trial budgets.  The RFO monitors all research related revenue and expenditures while ensuring that all budgets and financial activity is in compliance with federal regulations and the medical center’s billing policies.


 Clinical Trials Budget Preparation

  • Develop and negotiate all Industry sponsored, NIH, Investigator- Investigator-initiated clinical trial budgets.
  • Collaborate with Principal Investigator, Administrative Director, Finance Liaison, Pharmacy, section Department administration, Laboratory and other required personnel to review feasibility of Sponsor’s proposed budgets.
  • Conduct a thorough cost- analysis of clinical trial budget to ensure all study related costs are captured for negotiation with sponsor.
  • Performs a thorough Medicare Coverage Analysis for each clinical trial to ensure compliance with Medical Center’s billing policies and Medicare rules as pertaining to private insurance provider agreements.

Administration of Clinical Trials Activity

  • Create clinical trial enrollment/subject management logs for each clinical trial to track and monitor research related activity.
  • Monitor receipt of clinical trial payments from Sponsors and assists with post-award management.
  • Distribute clinical trial payments to appropriate clinical department and/or research accounts based on the internal budget.
  • Invoice Sponsors for research related fees and ensures quality cash management practices.
  • Manages research accounts and provides financial activity reports on a monthly basis to the Principal Investigators and Department Administrators.

For more information regarding non-oncology clinical trial budgets, please contact:

George Badim
Research Finance Analyst I
The David & Alice Jurist Institute for Research
40 Prospect Avenue
Hackensack, NJ 07601



Pre-Award Support for Grants 

  • Assist investigators in creating budgets and budget justifications for submission of sponsored research grants (federal, foundations, prive industry-sponsored, etc).
  • Ensure that percentage of effort for all funded individuals is in compliance.
  • Calculate the amount of indirect costs that will be included in the budget.
  • Coordinate submissions with the Sponsored Programs Office. 

Post-Award Support for Grants 

  • Monitor and record grant-related expenses.
  • Ensure that grant budgets are being followed.
  • Ensure that the expenses meet NIH guidelines and that HUMC policies are being followed.
  • Prepare and distribute monthly reports.
  • File Financial Status Reports with National Institutes of Health and other agencies, as applicable.

For more information regarding grant budgets, please contact:

Howard Trust
Research Finance Analyst II
The David & Alice Jurist Institute for Research
40 Prospect Avenue
Hackensack, NJ 07601

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