Quality care from a collaborative team of professionals

The Center for Ambulatory Surgery at Hackensack University Medical Center is home to a staff of experienced medical professionals who have dedicated their lives to providing high quality patient care. Members are selected for their qualifications in outpatient surgery, as well as for their dedication to providing compassionate care.  The Hospital has received the HealthGrades General Surgery Excellence Award™ six years in a row.

Our professional team handles your ambulatory surgery needs from the moment you arrive until the time you are ready to go home. Our nursing staff holds certifications in CNOR, CPAN, RN-BC, & CRNO, and more than 61% of our operating room nurses hold the highest certification in their field. Our goal is patient satisfaction, and we will always ask “how can we make your stay more comfortable?”

Respecting Your Privacy

Patients may speak confidentially and privately with their physician in our dedicated pre-operative interview rooms.

Keeping Your Family Informed

The Center for Ambulatory Surgery also recognizes the importance of keeping your loved ones informed of your progress before, during and after your procedure.  To that end, we take a dual approach of both communicating with family members directly, and providing technology that keeps them informed. The waiting area is staffed with guest service representatives who can relay information to your family at all times.

Guest Amenities

Telephones, WIFI and a fax machine are available for your family’s use. They’ll enjoy freshly brewed coffee, magazines, and daily newspapers, and in case they have to leave for a period of time pagers are available.



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