The Center for Facial Restoration and Facial Reanimation at Hackensack University Medical Center is an innovative division of The Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. In addition to having devastating aesthetic effects, facial contour defects and facial nerve disorders affect oral competence, nasal airflow, speech/swallowing, mastication, tear management, and corneal protection. The appearance and symmetry of the human face in repose and during activity play an essential role in all interactions between people. In addition, the facial nerve mediates expressions of emotion that cannot be reproduced by conventional methods of reconstruction.

At The Center for Facial Restoration and Facial Reanimation, we believe that facial contour defects and disorders of the facial nerve demand thorough clinical evaluation, radiological evaluation, provocative testing, and proper patient selection so that the appropriate therapy may be instituted. The myriad of causes of these problems include embryological/congenital problems; birth trauma; burns; skull/facial fractures; complications of facial cosmetic, parotid, ear, and skull-based surgery; post-irradiation; and viral, neoplastic, and idiopathic conditions. We are committed to treating problems that affect adults and children of all ages.

Our treatment of these highly complex problems is aimed at restoring facial bony and soft tissue contour, achieving symmetry at rest, improving voluntary motion, and the natural expression of emotion. This challenge demands a multidisciplinary effort between a specialized group of plastic surgeons, otolaryngologists, neurosurgeons, ophthalmologists, oral maxillofacial surgeons, and neurologists that we have brought together at Hackensack University Medical Center. The depth and breadth of procedures in our armamentarium available to treat this patient population involve an intricate understanding of anatomy and neurophysiology, in addition to expertise in reconstructive, microsurgical, and neurosurgical techniques.

We invite anyone who suffers from the stigma of facial defects or facial nerve palsy and is seeking evaluation and treatment to contact us by telephone at The Center for Facial Restoration and Facial Reanimation at Hackensack University Medical Center - 551-996-5588.

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