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Pandemic Foreshadows Mental Health Crisis

The U.S. was already on the brink of a mental health crisis before the COVID-19 pandemic. The associated stresses, which run the gamut from isolation and anxiety to unemployment and illness, are now threatening to create a mental health emergency among Americans. In a commentary by Dr. Jeffrey A. Lieberman published by Medscape Psychiatry, several gains that have been made toward mental health outcomes are highlighted, such as scientific advancements in the understanding of mental illness, and positive changes in social attitudes toward those who are mentally ill. Such advances do little, however, to offset the sad state of mental health care in the U.S. “The sobering reality is that high-quality mental health care is not available to most people,” Lieberman, a psychiatrist with Columbia University’s department of psychiatry, wrote. “This lack of strategy and access is especially concerning amid disasters such as COVID-19, which can cause considerable psychological trauma.”  Read more....



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