Girl Planting seeds

Persistence pays: powering a green economy

Mariama Mamane sits on the ground in the dust, huddled over a blue generator. The 29-year-old environmental engineer is attaching a large blue square bag containing biogas to a generator with a long tube.  The generator is stuck. With determination fixed on her face, she switches a series of tools between her hands as tries to kick-start the machine branded “Jacigreen”—the name of her company founded in 2016. “It will work!” she says.  Jacigreen tackles the problem of invasive water hyacinth plants chocking the city’s water supply. Her invention cuts up water hyacinth, fermenting into a fertilizer and compost for farmers, called Jacigrow—available in bottles of 250 ml, 0.5 litres, 1 litre and 5 litres.  The by-product of the fertilizer is a gas, which Mamane’s machine captures in blue plastic square bags, like the one she is trying to attach to the generator now, and converted into electricity for families who don’t have a regular power supply.  Read more....



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