Girl Planting seeds

Petition: Ban Use of Pesticides Killing Bees in Texas!

Over 70 percent of the world’s crop species that feed humans are pollinated by bees. Simply put, we need bees. If anyone isn’t interested in the conservation of species just because they deserve to live, then maybe they care that it will affect humans badly if bees were to go extinct. Yet, bee populations are rapidly declining and it’s because of humans. One of the factors seriously harming bees is a group of pesticides called neonicotinoids.  According to Erika Thompson, founder and owner of Texas Beeworks, neonicotinoid pesticides behave as a neurotoxin to bees. They impair the bees’ ability to fly, navigate, and forage for food, while also suppressing their immune system. Thompson believes if the pesticide is banned, the honey bee population will recover and rebound. They might even be healthier than ever.  Read more......



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