Girl Planting seeds

Preparedness: How To Regrow Vegetables In Water

Food, at any time, could become a valuable commodity. In addition to learning to grow a garden, you should also know how to garden, save seeds, and “regrow” certain vegetables in water to get the most out of your garden. A lot of preppers understand this idea, but many still don’t practice it. I admit that I don’t do this as often as I should, but now is good time to start! And getting started is simple. Just don’t throw away your vegetable food scraps, just yet! Those can be used to grow more vegetables, money can be saved, you’ll spend less time at the grocery stores, and won’t need to grow as much in your own garden. Regrowing your vegetables in water can be done with store-bought vegetables, too, and that is a great place to start.  Read more.....



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