Girl Planting seeds

Produce ALERT: New EXPERIMENTAL Monsanto Franken-Fruits hit the produce racks soon – watch out for genetically mutated mushrooms, tomatoes, bananas and strawberries

Gene editing of food happens when scientists remove part of a plant or seed’s DNA sequence and replace it with bacteria or pathogens that would normally never grow that way in nature. There is absolutely no science proving this is safe for humans, so anyone who consumes genetically modified foods is playing Russian roulette with their health.  Monsanto, the most evil corporation on planet Earth, is now branding their latest fruit and vegetable science monsters that grow from “Crispr” gene editing during laboratory experimentation as “cutting-edge technology,” even though past GMO experiments (like with BT corn and Roundup Ready crops) have completely backfired, causing cancer, anxiety, depression, and kidney failure in tested lab animals.  Read more...



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