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Real-Life Data Show that the CDC Vaccine Schedule is Causing Harm

In 2015, California’s governor signed SB277, a bill that eliminated the state’s nonmedical vaccine exemptions. The bill placed California families in the difficult position of either accepting the state’s “one-size-fits-all” vaccine mandate or forfeiting their children’s right to any preschool or K-12 classroom education. Not content with eviscerating parents’ right to exempt their children from even one of the nearly six dozen doses of vaccine currently required through age 18, the bill’s sponsor, shockingly, is now going after the sacrosanct doctor-patient relationship and seeking to invalidate doctor-granted medical exemptions. Writing in late 2018 in Pediatrics (the journal of the pro-“pharmaceutical agenda” American Academy of Pediatrics), the California legislator used thinly veiled words of intimidation to threaten disciplinary action for doctors who write “unwarranted” medical exemptions, including revoking their authority to grant such exemptions.  Read more...



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