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Environmental Health Legislation


10821800353_51ea56c90f_cYOU can make a difference by taking action

Legislation is an important tool for improving environmental health nationwide.  As part of our mission,  we have worked with legislators to garner support for research, treatment and funding of initiatives related to children’s health.  Among those are the Safe Chemicals Act, the Autism CARES Act, the National Children’s Study, and The Conquer Childhood Cancer Act.

Tips For Calling Your Elected Representatives:

Calling your representatives on an issue that is important to you is as easy as ordering a pizza and doesn’t take much longer. Some people are intimidated at the thought of calling an elected official. Don’t be! They were elected to represent you.

If you don’t know who represents you in Congress just go to and enter your zip code. Then call the U.S. Capitol Switchboard – 202-224-3121 – and ask for your member of Congress. You can also go to your representative’s website to find their local and Washington contact information. Click here to find out more.


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Click here for more environmental health legislation from Safer States

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