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This page offers a chronology of some of the feature stories concerning the impact of children's environmental health advocate Deirdre Imus, and the center she founded, The Deirdre Imus Environmental Health Center. ™


Deirdre Imus is a regular columnist on children's health issues for this independent, online source for news and opinion.
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All In The Family

It was wise old Aristotle, the Greek philosopher, who said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. This adage feels particularly relevant when discussing our health. Keeping all the different systems of the body in good working order adds up to a better quality of life. Read more

Going Green On A Budget

Of all the reasons to go green—health, style, environmental responsibility—affordability does not often top the list. Organic, natural products and food are typically more expensive than their conventional counterparts because manufacturers use better quality ingredients and less toxic growing practices, two factors for which consumers pay a premium. Read more

Greening Our Temples Of Healing

The 775-bed nonprofit teaching and research hospital HackensackUMC has made tremendous strides by creating an entire campus of care, including the Heart & Vascular Hospital, the John Theurer Cancer Center, the Joseph M. Sanzari Children’s Hospital and the Donna A. Sanzari Women’s Hospital. Read more

Sensible Strategies For Toxic Times

To the dismay of many parents (including myself ), we cannot keep our children inside a bubble from the day they are born. We can’t even protect them from the moment they are conceived, as their developing bodies are exposed to the same elements as their mothers during this critical time in the womb. Read more

Tackle Your Home's Toxins

As parents, we devote a lot of time to protecting our children from the wide world out there, whether they’re on the autism spectrum or not. From school to sports to socializing, the worrying about their well-being feels endless, and often out of our control. There remains perhaps just one realm over which we, as parents, can preside to keep our kids safe and healthy: the home. Read more

Strategizing The Season

Whatever you celebrate, wherever you live, one thing’s for sure: the holiday season is upon us, which means countless parties, presents, and potentially disastrous situations, especially if you’re caring for a child on the autism spectrum. Read more

A Season Of Opportunities
Look around! It’s fall, and that means color, color everywhere.
From the red and yellow hues of changing leaves to the golden autumn light, it’s impossible to lack artistic inspiration in this most vibrant time of year. Read more
Think Green For School Too

How can the average parent keep their kids prepared for school, but also safe? Shop for PVC-free school supplies that won’t contaminate your child’s growing body or exacerbate symptoms in children on the autism spectrum. PVC products are often labeled with the word “vinyl.” Additionally, the number “3” might appear inside the universal recycling symbol, or look for the letters “V” or “PVC” below it.  Read more

Being Green
Deirdre Imus dreams of a “greener” Earth, where all children have the chance to thrive and live the healthiest life possible. As president and founder of The Deirdre Imus Environmental Health Center, based at Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey, Deirdre works tirelessly to educate the public about how toxins in our food and environment threaten children’s health and ultimately our planet’s future. Read more
Green Getaways

For many people, family vacations are a rite and a right, offering the oppurtunity to make memories, have a blast and escape from the chores of everyday life.  For families with children on the autism spectrum, however, taking a trip can require more work than staying home, especially since one of autism's hallmarks is the ferocity with which many kids cling to routine. Read more

Green Home, Healthy Kids

For over a decade, I’ve been writing about harmful chemicals in our environment and how they jeopardize our children’s health and development. We have made significant strides in identifying, controlling and eliminating many toxic exposures but there is still an overwhelming amount of harmful chemicals that go unregulated in the market place and parents continue to be concerned about their safety. Read more

State-of-the-Art Medicine, Quality Patient Care
A Conversation with Robert C. Garrett,
President/CEO of Hacke
commerce_2010_robert_c._garrett_3.5_b Q.  Why is being a "green" hospital important?

A. Hackensack University Medical Center (HUMC) strives to set a national standard for environmentally sound hospitals because it is the right thing to do.  As a national leader in healthcare and disease prevention, we recognize and embrace the practice of environmental design in creating a total healing environment, from the air handling system to the pillowcases...even the cleaning products are green...

The leader of our "green" hospital initiative, Deirdre Imus, has done a terrific job as president and founder of the award-winning Deirdre Imus Environmental Health Center™, part of HUMC. She helped HUMC develop a Greening the Cleaning® program in 2001 and since then has helped hundreds of healthcare facilities, government authorities, business and schools do the same...

Read the full interview with HUMC President/CEO Robert C. Garrett in the June 2010 issue of Commerce.
A Safe House?

Dusting, mopping and scrubbing with natural dirt-busters is going mainstream. More supermarkets are stocking them and more schools are switching to them, inspiring anxious parents to do the same. Whether the so-called green products, made with more plant-based ingredients, are entirely safe, and capable of creating the perfect haven that some parents struggle to create for their children, remains to be seen. Read more...

New York to Force Household Cleaner
Giants to Reveal Chemical Ingredients
"Full ingredient disclosure is a critical step towards ensuring safer, healthier products."
For the first time, the State of New York will begin requiring household cleaning companies to reveal  chemical ingredients in their products and any health risks they pose. We here at the Deirdre Imus Environmental Health Center™ have been advocating a review of full ingredient disclosure of all cleaning products for almost 10 years. "Consumers around the country will benefit from New York's leadership." Read more
Gulf Oil Spill's Silent Victims--The Children
By Deirdre Imus, Erin S. Ihde
and Dr. Lawrence Rosen

The BP oil spill has garnered international attention for unimaginable real and future losses: lives as well as livelihoods, wildlife and coastal communities. We've learned from the Exxon Valdez and other spills how these catastrophes impact ecosystems, and witnessed the years of rehabilitation and billions of dollars invested in the cleanup. Yet in weighing these losses, little attention is being given to what this latest man-made disaster will mean to the most vulnerable of our society: our children... Click to read the full article at AOLNews.com.
The Smell of Green

By Christine DeGennaro, Writer
For hundreds, maybe even thousands of years, humans relied on things found in nature to attend to various ailments. In the last hundred years, there has been a strong shift from nature as cures and treatments were created with chemical compounds in labs. But as is often the case, the pendulum is swinging the other way, or maybe it's ready to settle closer to middle as nature is beginning to turn up more in hospitals and health care settings. DotMed took some time to check-in with environmental advocate Deirdre Imus to see where things sit a year since our last interview. ...Read the full article in DotMed News

Clean Sweep - Deirdre Imus and Healthy Kids
It wouldn’t be difficult to imagine Deirdre Imus strolling along Fifth Avenue, popping into any tony boutique, and being fawned over by salesclerks. As the wife of media personality Don Imus, this Westport resident could have easily taken her place in that exclusive club. But Deirdre Imus has more important things on her mind. As mother, wife, best-selling author, entrepreneur, national advocate for a green lifestyle, and committed cancer crusader, she packs more into one week than most people do in a decade.
...Click to read the full article in the May/June 2010 issue of WMN magazine.
Deirdre Imus' Kids-Love-Kids Program Brings
Smiles, Laughter to Haiti's Tiniest Victims

The moment Deirdre Imus heard about Haiti's devastating Jan. 12 earthquake, she immediately thought of its tiniest victims and what she could do to help them..
Read the full article-in Tonic.com.
Detox Your World, Diet, Body and Life
Deirdre Imus, Founder and President of The Deirdre Imus Environmental Health Center™ at Hackensack University Medical Center, has dedicated her life to improving the lives of children. The World Health Organization estimates that the environment significantly affects more than 80 percent of major diseases, including childhood cancer, diabetes and asthma. More than a third of diseases in children under the age of five are caused by environmental exposures. Deirdre has devoted her life to identifying and eliminating these exposures.
...Read the full article in the May 2010 issue of NAVEL Expo.
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