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HOMEOPATHY Part 3 of the Integrative Health Series from The Deirdre Imus Environmental Center for Pediatric Oncology®

Remedies and Case Study
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By Pierre Fontaine, RSHom CCH

A homeopathic consultation is a long series of questions that delve deeper into the disorder. The goal is to form a direct line from the main complaint to the deeper level of experience not present in our conscious mind.  The questions are designed to bring the totality of the illness to life and aim to connect on a physical, emotional and mental level. The correct remedy is chosen according to the precise understanding of the disturbed Vital Force physically, emotionally and mentally.  

homeopathic_tea_2Here again, we are not used to speaking about illness so dynamically; rather we are much more accustomed to say “something hurts” or “I have this or that.” When asked, we often discount some of our suffering as irrelevant and fail to make a greater connection to the big picture rather than what immediately concerns us. The true genius of homeopathy is its ability to work and act at the deeper levels which we are not accustomed to considering.
The results of such an approach are exciting. When an individual is truly healthier through resolving her vital state of disorder on the physical, emotional and mental level, life can be lived with a far greater sense of freedom where all the capacities can be used for the greater attainment of life. In addition to that, the offspring can also be healthier because the dynamic disordered state is not passed on. Imagine a generation that is less likely to get sick because their parents’ dynamis is healthier. Considering today’s kids, that is a very beautiful goal. 
Case Study: A Pneumonia Patient

I saw a 19-year-old woman recently who had chronic throat infections mainly treated with repeated courses of antibiotics. Accompanying the throat issues was a difficulty to feel integrated within a group of friends. She felt as though she should scream in order to be heard but couldn’t lest she be further ostracized. When she felt well she spoke in terms of exhilaration and deep enjoyment and a physical excitability while her current condition deprived her of this. To her it was as if the tingling of life was gone, and she was stuck in a state of total passivity and dullness.  It seemed that the patient’s case could be best resolved through a homeopathic treatment. The remedy - Teucrium or Wood Sage in a homeopathic form - helped to get rid of the throat infections as well as her feeling of being ostracized. Today, she is healthier on all levels. The remedy acted dynamically, beginning on her vital level and proceeding to treat her on the physical, emotional and mental levels. Now, she is far less likely to transmit that state of disorder to her children. It is fascinating to see that the concept of inheritance or genetic makeup has always been part of homeopathy, though in a very different way than is commonly thought of today.
Homeopathy is not psychotherapy and the patient’s throat issues were not caused by her psychological state. The totality of what she experienced physically, emotionally and mentally about her throat exacerbated her condition. By understanding the totality of the issue, a physician can provide the perfect homeopathic remedy to defeat both the conscious and subconscious symptoms of a condition.
Homeopathic remedies: Tapping the conscious universe.
Homeopathic remedies are effective upon the Vital Force because the process of potentization refines them  to a limitless fraction effectively making them both dynamic and potent. Homeopathic remedies are dynamic themselves, allowing them to resonate in a refined, healing way upon the individual vital force. Consequently, homeopathic remedies being able to solely act in resonance upon the disordered Vital Force cannot have an effect if the resonance is not accurate. They either resonate or they don’t, thereby making side-effects non-existent.
We have seen that homeopathic remedies act upon the disordered dynamis and from there the restoration and health begins to percolate through the physical, emotional and mental level. The case I touched upon earlier with chronic bronchitis called for a plant remedy. The tingling and excitement reflect the need for a remedy from the Labiatae, the mind family. The efficacy of the different plants in this botanical family have taught us that they share similar qualities. People who need a remedy from the mint family speak with a lot passion, vivacity, enjoyment and exhilaration. Pleasure is transferred through the nerves which is why, unbeknown to her, she shook her hands as a demonstration of bringing the disorder to life. Illness in her brings the exact opposite, such as numbness and disinterest. One illustration is that many chewing gums have mint as a flavor. The advertisements always reflect this quality of bringing excitement and vitality.  Each botanical family has its characteristic features.
The same is true for remedies with animal sources. The minerals also have their specific qualities, as well. All these differentiation qualities make for a very sophisticated dynamic system of healing.
Working at this deep level and bringing the matrix of the disorder through the subconscious of the individual has afforded my practice incredible improvements in the accuracy of the remedies I recommend. The results have been equally phenomenal. In this sense, homeopathy holds a certain promise for those who are willing to consider it.

Summer 2010 Greening Your Life Newsletter

Pierre Fontaine, RSHom (NA), CCH, has been a professional Homeopath in New York City since 1994. He is a registered member of the North American Society of Homeopaths "RSHom (NA)" and is certified by the Council on Homeopathy Certification "CCH." His leadership qualities were instrumental in the birth of the New York State Homeopathic Association of which he was the Vice President. Pierre is an avid advocate in support of a National Health Freedom Bill protecting the right of choice for all citizens of the United states. As such he has testified before the White House Commission on Alternative Medicine Policy. Pierre graduated after the four year program from the School of Homeopathy; Devon, England. Half of it was pursued in New York, the other half in England. "I wanted to have the best education I could get. This is why I did not hesitate to travel to England. It was an enormous effort but it was the right thing to do because England has a much more sophisticated educational system in the field." Consequently, his dedication to homeopathy and to people is obvious.
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