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How Do You Get Ebola, Really?

EBOLA7Oct. 6, 2014 -- Amid continued confusion over how Ebola spreads, the World Health Organization issued new guidance on Monday aimed at public education.

First, the agency says, the virus is not airborne. Catching it through the air would depend on getting an infectious dose of the virus from a suspended cloud of tiny particles.
That’s how diseases like the flu and measles are spread. Read more
With all the information and  current articles that have been posted,  we have to ask ourselves these questions.
Question 1:
How can they say that people with Ebola usually don't cough or sneeze? Based on what evidence?
Question 2:
Based on the study cited here Ebola can live up to six days on surfaces so it says just make sure you clean and disinfect the surfaces and you'll be fine.  What disinfectants have been proven to work?
Question  3:
How do you disinfect a taxi, subway, elevator buttons, coffee shop or any public place where a person is traveling on a daily basis and touching?
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