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Research at the Center

In 2008, the Research Program at DIEHC was established to explore the intersection of human health and the environment. Since then, our studies have researched everyday environmental exposures with the goal of improving public health.
The DIEHC has formed collaborations with: 
  • Georgetown University
  • Rutgers University
  • Meadowlands Environmental Research Institute 
  • NJIT 
  • Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine
  • Departments across the Hackensack University Medical Center: 

              1. Cancer Prevention and Control

              2. Institute for Child Development

              3. The Betty Torricelli Institute for Breast Care 

              4. Department of Maternal Fetal Medicine 

Together, we continue to design innovative research in environmental health and translate findings into real-world solutions through community outreach, online resources, and clinical education. 
The Center's internship program has helped train the next generation of environmental health researchers with students from Penn State, Tulane University, Rutgers University, Montclair State University and others. See below to learn more about our completed and ongoing studies and publications.  
The Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine at Seton Hall University, the first private medical school in New Jersey in more than 50 years, welcomed its first class of students in 2018. In 2019, the Center developed and implemented the first class/lecture within the Human Dimension course at the School of Medicine focusing on an overview of environmental health topics including common exposures, populations at increased risk, chemicals of concern, organics, GMOs, and environmental causes of respiratory issues. Learn more about our affiliation with our School of Medicine.

Completed Studies



Environmental Health Needs of Latinas
in Cleaning Operations


Knowledge, attitudes and
behaviorsof Latinas in cleaning
occupations in northern
New Jersey: a cross-sectional
mixed methods study


Safety and Efficacy of a 100%
Dimethicone Pediculocide in
School-age Children



Mapping Contaminants Associated
 with Autism: A Public Health Pilot
in New Jersey 


The impact of integrating
environmental health into medical
school curricula: a survey-based study

Environmental Chemicals in
Fetal Cord Blood and Maternal
A Pilot Study.


Environmental Chemicals and
Estrogen Metabolites in
Children: A Pilot Study


Endocrine Disruptors, Obesity,
and Breast Density
Among Perimenopausal women


Additional Publications

Caring for our Most Vulnerable Patients Through Sustainable Purchasing Practices

Exploring Latinidad, Migration Processes, and Immigrant Experiences: Experiences Influencing Latino Health

Environmental Health Guidance: Essential for Pediatric Oncology Patients?

Improving Public Databases for Advancing Environmental Health

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