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Revamped lead rule ignores concerns raised in EPA memo

Three years ago, staff in EPA's Midwest office sent a warning to headquarters about regulations that prevent lead in drinking water: Even when followed perfectly, the standards weren't protecting public health. "Proper implementation and compliance with the [Lead and Copper Rule] may not provide certainty that the public is protected from elevated levels of lead, particularly in communities with lead service lines and particularly with regard to susceptible populations such as young children," then-acting Region 5 Administrator Robert Kaplan wrote in a 2017 memo to then-acting Assistant Administrator for the Office of Water Michael Shapiro. The memo — sent as EPA was working to revise lead standards — is an effective indictment of the 1991-era regulation, explaining how everything from water sampling procedures to the allowable amounts of lead in water leaves gaping holes in protections that have contributed to public health crises across the Midwest, including in Flint, Mich.  Read more....



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