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RFK, Jr. Discusses Vaccines on Yahoo! Finance’s “Influencers with Andy Serwer”

Don’t miss this vaccine debate on Yahoo Finance! RFK, Jr joins “Influencers” with Andy Serwer. They discuss the environment and lack of vaccine safety. The vaccine portion is from about 18 minutes to 28 minutes. Among other things, RFK, Jr. says, “Show me the huge body of vaccine studies!” “Show me one!” “They are all fatally flawed!” Kennedy and Serwer talk about censorship of those questioning vaccines, and they do a dive deep into vaccine safety testing. Why does the vaccine program not do a good job of it? And why does RFK, Jr. keep pushing this controversial topic? His answer is simple…because millions of children are being injured. Thank you to Andy Serwer for addressing this important topic. Read more....



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