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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s Response to “The Message of Measles” —What The New Yorker Wouldn’t Publish

In late August 2019, New Yorker magazine published an article written by staff writer, Nick Paumgarten, entitled, “The Message of Measles.” In the article, Mr. Paumgarten criticized Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s beliefs and advocacy. After contacting numerous New Yorker editors, the magazine has refused to publish Mr. Kennedy’s response. If his response had been published, New Yorker readers would know that the latest published science supports that vaccines are contributing to the chronic disease epidemic in children and that government officials systematically obscure the risks while exaggerating the benefits of vaccines, including the MMR. They would also be reminded that the government has no right to coerce healthy Americans to submit to risky medical procedures.  Read more....



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