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Rubbish piling up: The environmental impact of the COVID-19 shutdown

Analysis by Professor Ian Williams and Anne Stringfellow from the University of Southampton and Keiron Roberts from the University of Portsmouth has highlighted the enormous impact of the COVID19 lockdown measures on waste management in the UK. Their analysis shows that with almost all household waste recycling centres closed, and the big increase in home clearances and DIY projects, there has been a reported 300% increase in reported fly-tipping in rural communities.  Nearly half of all local authority recycling services in the country have stopped or reduced since the lockdown was introduced and the team warns that that unless people are able and prepared to store recyclable waste safely at home, it is very likely to get sent to landfill or incinerated, increasing its environmental impact. The closure of charity shops is also likely to affect people's ability to ensure their unwanted goods can be re-used by others.  Read more....



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