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Scared and sick amid Covid-19: US nursing home workers afraid to blow the whistle

Workers at a New Jersey nursing home ravaged by coronavirus have described a culture of silence, gross inaction from management and a desperate lack of protective equipment that has put them and their families in harm’s way and made it largely impossible to protect their patients from the outbreak. AristaCare at Cedar Oaks, a long term 230-bed care facility, had seen 106 confirmed coronavirus cases and 29 deaths reported as of last week. It’s one of 508 long term care facilities with outbreaks in New Jersey alone. According to a list collected by the Washington Post, around 1,350 nursing homes nationwide have reported Covid-19 cases, though the newspaper admits this is an undercount. Covid-19 has killed thousands in nursing homes across the country. Yet healthcare professionals who were already overworked have agreed to longer hours and have continually put themselves in danger to care for their patients.  Read more.....



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