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Scientists Call for Ban on Organophosphate Pesticides

A group of leading toxics experts, who published a paper, in the journal PLOS Medicine, on their research on organophosphate exposure during pregnancy and impacts on child development, are calling for a ban on organophosphate pesticides. The study evaluates current science on the risks of this class of compounds, produced by Corteva Agriscience (formerly Dow AgroSciences); its conclusions warn of the multitude of dangers of organophosphates for children, and makes recommendations for addressing these risks. The experts conclude that: widespread use of organophosphate (OP) pesticides to control insects has resulted in ubiquitous human exposures; acute exposures to OPs is responsible for poisonings and deaths, particularly in developing countries; and evidence demonstrates that prenatal exposures, even at low levels, put children at risk for cognitive and behavioral deficits, and for neurodevelopmental disorders. Read more...



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