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Scientists Identify Cause of IBS Pain

An estimated 3 million American adults suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, combatting symptoms such as frequent abdominal discomfort, spastic colon, gas, bloating, diarrhea and constipation. Researchers at Flinders University have recently identified a link between itchy skin and gut pain that they hope will be a key discovery in battling chronic pain caused by IBS.  If you suffer from IBS, you may be familiar with the feeling of an “itchy gut.” Researchers have identified receptors that cause itchy skin that also exist in the human gut. These receptors activate neurons, resulting in the feeling of a painful “gut itch” in IBS sufferers. It turns out these itch receptors may be more present in IBS patients than in healthy people. The more the neurons are activated, the more pain the patient feels.  Read more.....



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