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Seeking Justice Around the Globe: Lawsuit to Stop 5G Filed in the Netherlands

The Dutch stop 5G group, Stop5GNetherlands, filed an injunction against the Dutch State on February 25, 2020, invoking an emergency procedure to stop the rollout of 5G. This lawsuit is joining a growing body of litigation against governments around the globe, including the Children’s Health Defense lawsuit in the US, to protect the health of their citizens, the wildlife, and their natural habitat from the proven harms of wireless technology radiation, and now, 5G.  For many years, large groups of citizens, all around the world, including in the Netherlands, have been working to increase awareness of the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields and radiation and are constantly asking their governments to protect the health of their citizens. In the Netherlands, as in other parts of the world, their pleas go unanswered.  Read more....



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