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SHOCKER: New “Perfexonate” bottled water contains an FDA-designated drug that causes cancer, brittle bones and lowered IQ – just kidding, that’s American tap water

Doctors in America regularly prescribe medications that cause horrific side effects, including dire health conditions one would never voluntarily sign up for, but in most cases, that’s what patients are regularly doing now. Most chronic health problems start off in silent mode, where you don’t even know anything is wrong. Doctors know this.  Then the symptoms start rearing their ugly heads, and that’s when the ear ringing becomes noticeable, the itching, the rashes, the shortness of breath, the congestion, the swelling, the headaches, the lethargy, the stomach aches, and you know the rest of that long “laundry” list. Are you ready for a drug from your doctor to quell those symptoms, while causing cancer, brittle bones and memory loss? No? But, it’s FDA-approved and recommended by your medical deity (M.D.). Are you saying you want a second opinion? Then there’s something else you should know.  Read more....



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