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SHOCKER: One in every 4 Americans uses nicotine daily, making themselves more susceptible to catching the novel coronavirus and dying from COVID-19

Most people who smoke, vape, dip or chew have no clue that long term use of nicotine impairs their body’s ability to produce dopamine properly, leaving them to rely solely on the world’s third most addictive drug to artificially stimulate that feel good hormone. Currently, there are over a billion tobacco users worldwide, and that number is creeping upward ominously, expecting to double over the next 3 decades. Then you have millions of people who use nicotine all day, every day. It gets worse.  Nicotine kills over 6 million people a year, about that same number is representative of Jews who died in the Holocaust at the hands of the Nazis. That’s also the population of the whole state of Maryland or Wisconsin. Picture that in your mind’s eye. It’s also a scientific fact that nicotine use lowers immunity, setting users up for infections from bacteria and viruses. So what’s it take to quit nicotine?  Read more....



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