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Shocking cocktail of toxic chemicals and pesticides found in the global shrimp supply

Grilling season is here, but you might want to think twice before skewering up some shrimp this summer — those tasty crustaceans may be toxic. Scientists studying rivers in the United Kingdom say every single sample of shrimp they examined tested positive for cocaine and lidocaine. Other drugs, such as ketamine and opioids, were also found in the shrimp. Many of the shellfish examined also tested positive for pesticides that are banned in the U.K. and other potentially hazardous chemicals.  But the U.K. is not the only place riddled with drug-infested shrimp. Drugged-up shellfish are becoming an international issue. Crustaceans are clearly not buying their own cocaine, and as scientists explain, the sudden uptick in contaminated sea critters is yet another sign that humans are polluting the environment.   Read more....



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