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Sightseeing with a side of radiation: Buckets of radioactive uranium ore found at Grand Canyon National Museum; experts say there’s no cause for concern

If you’re headed to the Grand Canyon this summer, you might be envisioning spending some time in the great outdoors as you take in the incredible beauty that nature has created. When you think of the potential dangers you might have to worry about there, they’re probably related to hiking accidents and encounters with wildlife, but many recent visitors were exposed to a “hidden” danger there that’s far more concerning: uranium.  It was recently revealed that bucketloads of uranium ore were found sitting near a taxidermy exhibit at the museum at Grand Canyon National Park. The three five-gallon buckets looked a bit like paint buckets that someone might have forgotten to put away, but they didn’t sit there for a weekend or a couple months – they were there for almost 20 years, exposing countless people to radiation.  Read more....



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