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Simply Delicious Quinoa Fruit Salad



By Samantha Ann Hekeler

A refreshing twist for Quinoa lovers and newcomers that can be enjoyed as a side dish or a meal, or indulge your sweet tooth and top it with a dollop of your favorite organic yogurt. (Mine is Chobani black cherry!)


Yields 8 main dish servings or 12 side dish servings.




4 cups of cooked and chilled quinoa (prepare according to box and chill overnight in refrigerator or for several hours before folding in other ingredients)

1 cup diced freshly cut pineapple (Reserve remaining pineapple for garnishing or another recipe.)

1 cup of freshly quartered organic seedless red grapes (be sure to wash grapes)

1 cup of freshly diced organic delicious apples

freshly squeezed juice from 2 organic navel oranges / reserve the pulp and eliminate the rind and membrane



The Night Before or Four Hours Before Serving:

-Prepare 2 cups of uncooked quinoa according to the package.  (This will yield four cups of cooked quinoa.) Chill cooked quinoa in refrigerator over night or at least four hours before serving.


In The Morning:

-In a large serving bowl pour in the chilled quinoa.

-Squeeze the juice from the oranges and pull the fruit from between the membrane and toss in to the bowl.

-Add the fresh pineapple, grapes and apples


Mix well and garnish with additional fresh pineapple and apple slices.


Ready to serve! 


Optional: Top with a dollop of your favorite organic yogurt!


Cover and refrigerate any leftovers. As if!!!




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