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Smokers 'contaminate public places' with their CLOTHES: Garments release dangerous chemicals such as nicotine and just being near them could be as unhealthy as inhaling cigarette smoke

Smokers 'contaminate public places' by releasing dangerous tobacco chemicals from their clothes, scientists claim.  In the first study of its kind, researchers were able to track how levels of chemicals in a movie theatre changed when smokers walked in.  Toxins soared during films for adults - when smokers were present. Cinema goers were exposed to the equivalent of up to 10 cigarettes of secondhand smoke during  one hour.  The findings demonstrate the dangers of tobacco chemicals hanging in the air, in materials like clothes and on surfaces like furniture - called thirdhand smoke.  Researchers, from Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, said despite regulations preventing people from smoking indoors, 'hazardous chemicals from cigarette smoke are still making their way indoors'.  Read more.....



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