Girl Planting seeds

Solar Power Site Aims to Save Endangered Bees, Butterflies

An elementary school in Westmoreland County is getting recognition for more than education. The Virginia Pollinator-Smart Program announced that Coble Elementary gets the state's first Gold Certified pollinator-friendly award for a solar panel array. Solar sites like Coble include acres of native plants and grasses to attract endangered pollinators, such butterflies, bees and wildlife. Lisa Mattson, director of pollinator programs with Sun Tribe Solar - which installed the array with the state program - says these species are crucial for the food system. "Pollinators are of the utmost importance, because 75% of our food crops rely on pollinators for promulgation," says Mattson. "Pollinators are in terrible danger right now, and we all have an obligation to do what we can to bring them back." Read more....



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