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Solar Powered Device Can Purify 19,800 Gallons of Water Per Day

Indoor plumbing and clean drinking water are not luxuries that are available to a large portion of the world’s population, but luckily, technology is beginning to fill in that gap.  One incredible example is a device being developed by a non-profit organization called GivePower. The device, which uses solar power to turn salt water into fresh drinking water, was unveiled in a coastal community in Kenya called Kiunga. Since there is such an abundance of saltwater on the planet, there have been a variety of different attempts at creating a device that converts saltwater into fresh drinking water, however, these devices are often far too expensive to be useful for poverty-stricken areas.  However, GivePower’s new system in Kenya has been able to reduce the cost of this process by harnessing solar power.  The organization says that the system can produce roughly 19,800 gallons of fresh drinking every single day, which is enough to sustain an estimated 25,000 people.  Read more....



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