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Some Scientists are Making Coronavirus Vaccines Using Cells From Aborted Babies

The nation’s Catholic bishops have sent the FDA a letter urging the governmental agency to focus on producing a coronavirus vaccine that is free from moral and ethical concerns surrounding the use of aborted baby parts. With the number of people infected by the coronavirus starting to decline and political leaders setting forth plans to reopen the country, talk has turned to a coronavirus vaccine to make sure Americans don’t get COVID-19 as people begin engaging in public again. but the Catholic bishops echo the concerns of other pro-life groups and leaders, who are wanting to make sure any possible vaccine is not produced based on cells taken from aborted babies. An open letter sent on Friday and signed by Catholic bishops, including Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann, has urged the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to “help to ensure that Americans will have access to [COVID-19] vaccines that are free from any connection to abortion.”  They write....



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