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South Carolina Farmer Sounds the Alarm on the Arrival of the Pollinator Bee Crisis

There is a time bomb ticking away that spells disaster for human beings and the quality of life on planet earth. We’ve been watching and waiting, covering this story for years, and the more time goes by the more bad news keeps rolling in. In truth, this issue is far more grave a threat than the stuff the mainstream news keeps your eyes on, even more serious than mass shootings.  Colony collapse disorder is the name given to the sudden disappearance of living or dead worker bees in colonies which had plenty of food, honey and pollen. The bees are just gone.  First coming into popular consciousness around 2006, beekeepers began reporting this strange global phenomenon and scientists began studying it. While the crisis has exacerbated considerably, much research today points to the use and overuse of chemical pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, most notably a class of pesticide called neonicotinoids.  Read more....



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