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Stripping Rights Away By Hook or By Crook

The MMR is a 58-year old vaccine, and it likely has seen the last of its useful days in preventing the transmission of wild-type measles, mumps and rubella. Whether it can play a role in the control of measles infections at all is unclear because in its senescence, the vaccine may be causing more asymptomatic transmission than has been acknowledged. The public health experts in the State of Washington are misleading the public into unwarranted panic based on claims with no scientific support. Here I provide some much-needed fact-checking for CHD on the claims made by the panelists in favor of restricting parent’s options on vaccination in the State of Washington.  Last week, in Olympia Washington, over 2,000 parents of vaccine-injured and injury-susceptible children showed up to protest a bill that would strip away personal exemptions from families who need them to personalize their children’s medical care to fit their unique health needs or to avoid exposing their children to vaccine products with a proven record of risk.  Read more...



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