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Study identifies 6 food groups linked to greater cancer risk: A well-balanced diet is best for overall health, advise researchers

Diet may not be the only consideration when it comes to staying healthy, but it does play a vital role in overall health. What you eat on a regular basis can help determine whether or not you will develop chronic conditions like diabetes, obesity or heart disease. Now, more support for this idea has come from recent evidence which suggests that certain foods can increase your risk of cancer. A study published in JNCI Cancer Spectrum estimates that about five percent of the total invasive cancer cases reported in 2015 were linked to poor diet. These findings are comparable to the cancer risk associated with alcohol consumption, which equates to four to six percent. Obesity, on the other hand, is associated with seven to eight percent of the cancer burden and physical inactivity takes two to three percent of the total invasive cancer diagnosis.  Read more....



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