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Study reveals marathoners and elite athletes have high levels of gut bacterium that improve exercise endurance

Ever wonder how elite athletes are able to power through tough challenges? Well, it turns out it’s simply a matter of guts, or rather something that resides in their gut. A recent study highlighted how marathoners have unusually high levels of a bacterium in their digestive tracts that may be helping them go the distance. The findings come from a study involving 15 athletes who participated in the 2015 Boston Marathon. According to the authors, these athletes had higher-than-normal amounts of a gut bacterium from the genus Veillonella. The researchers discovered the presence of the bacterium after taking daily samples of solid waste from the athletes one week before and one week after the marathon. The microbe known as V. atypica was present in larger numbers in the digestive tracts of the runners after the marathon, but not in the 10 non-runners that they also sampled. Read more....



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