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Energy_wind_turbineData from the U.S. Energy Information Administration illustrates that buildings are responsible for almost half of the energy consumed and 38% of all GHG emissions in the United States. According to the EPA, inpatient healthcare ranks as the second largest commercial energy user after the food service industry.1  



Minor adjustments in our daily routines can result in major energy reductions campus-wide: 


1. Turn off the lights in your department before leaving each evening, for those departments operating only during the day.


2. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.


3. When printing documents, choose the 2-sided option when possible.


4. Turn off computer monitor screens before leaving each evening.





Energy Star


NJDEP-Air Quality, Energy and Sustainability


Sustainable Jersey


NJ Clean Energy


US Department of Energy: ENergy efficiency and REnewable Energy


National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Last updated 6-10-2016

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