Girl Planting seeds

Sustainable Farming Comes To America’s Heartland

Iowa is ground zero for agriculture in America. If the US does indeed have a heartland, it is arguably located in the Hawkeye State. Art Cullen is editor of the Storm Lake Times in northwest Iowa. He has also won a Pulitzer prize for his editorial writing. He knows a thing or two about agriculture and politics and he has some thoughts on both, which he shared with The Guardian recently.  “Export markets for American ag commodities are falling apart.” he writes. “The world has been telling us through markets for years that we are growing about 30% too much corn and soy. Meanwhile, we are killing the Gulf of Mexico with excessive commercial fertilizer, which washes down the Mississippi River. California and Australia burn in part because we are spewing too much nitrogen — as problematic as CO2 for global warming — from our broken agrichemical system.”  Read more.....



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