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Sydney School Ditches “Distracting” iPads Reverts Back To Paper Textbooks

Sydney’s Reddam House Private school has done away with iPads and brought in old school textbooks, in order to go back to the golden days when books and copies were the norm. It’s a step away from their previous policy wherein they asked students to get their own devices on which they were comfortable. In fact, iPads were their go-to textbooks for the last few years. Until now.  The school administration has decided to do away with iPads and other such devices because they believe that the main purpose isn’t being served. The technological advancement and development which they thought children would acquire through iPads never saw the light of day. But there have been some concerns raised by parents who believe that e-books are the future, and children would do better with iPads at their behest.  Ironically, the entire decision was taken up by students themselves, who felt that their needs were better served using pages, rather than a digital interface. But this change is in stark contrast to the ongoing technological change that is taking place in most schools around the globe where students and staff are doing away with books to get their hands on iPads. What does science have to say about this entire situation?



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