Girl Planting seeds

Tapping trash for gold

It all started five years ago, when Coline Billon discovered the stunning natural beauty of Peru. Home to the ancient Incas, complete with colourful mountain ranges, exotic birds and crisp air at high attitude, Peru had given her a new perspective.  So, when she came back to Nantes, in France, she found that she was being much more aware of environmental issues in her urban city hub. Specifically, she began noticing the massive amounts of food waste being sent to incineration.  When she investigated the issue further, 28-year-old Billon found that, globally, about 40 per cent of waste—including food—is openly burned. When incinerated, harmful toxins, furan and black carbon are released into the atmosphere.  She notes that a third of all food produced globally is wasted every year, and its disposal often contributes to air pollution, generating unnecessary emissions, in addition to representing wasteful practices.   Read more...



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