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Tea Is Great for Your Brain

Tea is an ancient beverage recognized for millennia as having a dramatic and positive impact on health, as well as playing an important part in cultures around the world. For example, tea has been an integral part of British life for nearly two centuries, having started in England in 1840 when the Duchess of Bedford needed sustenance between lunch and dinner. As such, teatime began as a small snack with tea, but soon became a social gathering in the wealthy class. Today, teatime is an honored tradition in Great Britain for all classes, with protocols on not only how to “take tea” but when to take it and what to eat — or not eat — with it. In a fun article on British teatime, NPR warns: Don’t eat everything you’re offered (you don’t want to appear too hungry) and whatever you do, don’t put out your pinky when holding your cup. “It makes you look pretentious,” a British teatime expert explains.  Read more...



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