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Texas experiment tries to poison feral hogs with sodium nitrite – the same ingredient found in bacon, hot dogs and beef jerky – but ends up poisoning hundreds of birds to death instead

The average American has no idea that a highly toxic, cancer causing poison is deliberately added to their processed meat products, including hot dogs, sausage, bacon, lunch meats, ham, jerky, pepperoni and even the meats found in canned soup. That toxic chemical is called sodium nitrite, and when combined with stomach acid, it forms nitrosamines – a chemical compound so effective at causing cancer that medical researchers inject lab rats with it when they want to cause cancer.  Like many southern states, Texas has a feral hog problem, and wildlife researchers have spent years trying to find an effective way to eliminate the feral hogs without killing other wildlife. Their latest experiment involves the use of sodium nitrite-laced hog bait that kills the hogs from the toxicity of sodium nitrite. Yes, this is exactly the same chemical that’s added to processed meats at your local grocery store. It kills hogs more quickly than it kills humans, but it’s also responsible for decades of the cancer epidemic in America.  Read more....



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