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The 2020 ADDM Report on U.S. Autism Prevalence: Three Reasons Why The Popular Narrative Was Misleading

The March 26 release of the CDC’s new Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring (ADDM) Network report drew scarcely a ripple of notice or concern, in a nation consumed with the coronavirus lockdown.  For the last two decades, ADDM has conducted biannual surveillance of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) prevalence among American children.  The new 2020 report found a nationwide ASD prevalence of 1 in 54 among 8 year-olds born in 2008.  (In practice, “nationwide” means an average over selected counties in 11 states.)  The large majority of ASD cases were among boys, whose prevalence was as high as 1 in 20 in New Jersey.  Read more....



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