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“The American Love Affair with the Automobile”: The Unspoken History of the Electric Car

The American love affair with the automobile was a result of all three, beginning with a massive conspiracy to kill electric vehicles, which helped to kill mass transit and force Americans into private car ownership. This story begins, as do most others, in the early 1900s, when the US was busy industrialising, when mass public transportation consisting of trains and trams was filling much of the nation’s needs. Autos were of course rapidly evolving at the same time, but gasoline-powered transportation, whether by private auto or mass transit, was on its way out. Almost all of the nation’s local and inter-city train transport was electric, and electric automobiles were rapidly gaining ground over their gas-powered rivals. By 1900, nearly 40% of all US cars were electric, and so popular that New York City had a fleet of electric taxis. Read more....



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